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I was born in Padua in 1987. 

I'm Architect and interior designer.

I studied in Venice and I graduated in Milan.


I worked as an architect in Bisazza Mosaico

before starting my own professional experience.

Since 2014 I collaborate with the suisse Office,

Standpartners, working on luxury interior,

mainly in Crans Montana (CH).

From the earliest year of Univeristy,

I start to look into my idea of design.

With my dad, we developed and patented 

a technology for blowing Murano glass

with glass mosaics.

We made I Vasi.

Later on I fell in love with wood.

I made and patented 3deep and Stripes.

I am always studying new materials

looking at the artisan ability and know-how

thankful for their will they share with me. 



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